Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Congratulations Darrin...

on your promotion at work! May 19th I got a phone call from Darrin and he was pretty excited. He told me that they pulled him into a meeting and offered him an outside sales position. This position was going to be selling Landscape block for County Materials. As you can see by the photo below, Darrin's previous job was to deliver block to job sites.
(Darrin and his work truck winter 2009)
So now, instead of Darrin putting on dirty work clothes and riding his bike to work everyday, I get to send him off all dressed up and in the car. This has been a major adjustment for Darrin, but I think he is doing a great job already and he is only a week and 1 day into his new job!!
(Darrin's first day as a salesman)
Congratulations again...I know you will do a good job!

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