Monday, May 31, 2010

Excitement...Big Ring Classic 2010

This weekend was the 3rd WORS race of the season in Wausau, WI. The race is called the big Ring Classic and the weather was a bit on the warm side, but beautiful. I really can't complain because last year we were wearing winter hats, coats, and gloves! The crowd was awesome as this past weekend was Memorial day and everyone had more time to hang around.
For the first time ever, Darrin's siblings (and spouses) were there to support him and take in a bike race. Jamie, Craig, and his Fiance, Brenda have been to a couple of races as Craig races too. But this was the first time they were able to just cheer and enjoy the race. Derek and his wife Courtney were attending their first ever biking event. Although they thought it was intense, I think they enjoyed seeing what Darrin works so hard for almost everyday.
(Left: Jamie, Courtney, Derek, Brenda, Craig, Darrin, and Lynn)
Ginger...over heated, but thanks to Brenda, quickly recovered and enjoyed most of the race from her lap in the shade.
(Ginger falling out of the chair. Brenda and Jamie)
Excitement...and a photo finish! I guess I really got excited when Darrin was battling it out with Brian Matter (1st) and Mark LaLonde (3rd). But who wouldn't be excited with a sprint to the end like that. And I must say I am super stoked for Darrin to have come in second among two riders that he has looked up to over the past few years. I know a win is not far off for Darrin and I can't wait!!
(Photos Courtesy of Christine C. and Amy D.)

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