Friday, April 3, 2009

Family Fun

I am finally getting around to posting a story about last weekend. Wow how time really slips away when you aren't watching the clock!
Last Saturday Mom & Dad brought Tiernan and Killian down to Milwaukee. Not only were they visiting to celebrate Peyton's Birthday, but they carted a bed down for us. Now when people stay over, they don't have to sleep in a very small twin bed.
We started the festivities with a trip to Old Country Buffet. Mm was that good. As we were standing in line, the kids provided much entertainment for us and everyone else standing in line. We then filled our bellies with good food and many desserts. This was followed by entertainment using the Wii. This was a lot easier than trying to get 6 kids set up at a traditional bowling alley, which is also a lot of fun.
Darrin and I got to drive back to our house through a blizzard. I guess when you live in Wisconsin the winters tend to last a bit longer. And March is the snowiest month of the year, so we really can't complain. It just made for a very crazy 30 minute drive to the northwest side of Milwaukee.
Sunday was a hoot as well. We enjoyed sub sandwiches, fresh veggies, chips & dip, and of course birthday cake. Mmm, birthday cake. Peyton was so happy to be the one opening gifts, especially after she opened the one that contained her new Nintendo DS. The cutest moment of the day had to be when almost all of the kids were on the floor playing their computer games together. I don't think I have ever heard all 6 of them that quiet.
Great weekend filled with lots of family fun! Happy Birthday Peyton.

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