Friday, April 3, 2009

A Tale of Harry the Mouse

Do you ever wonder what goes on while you are sleeping? Well, sit down because I would like to tell you a tale of Harry the mouse. Harry was a little grey mouse, who somehow found his way up to the second story of our apartment building. Darrin and I live up here and were amazed to find Harry joining us during the night.
After waking one morning to use the bathroom, I was joined by Harry and began screaming. This really provided a lot of entertainment for Darrin and my Mom. (Darrin who enjoyed the moment as it happened, and my Mom who enjoyed as I told her the tale over the phone later that day.) We didn't really see him much and were wondering where he was going during the day. Also we weren't seeing the usual trail of food or mouse turds anywhere.
Darrin and I were starting to believe that Harry had left the building. I began spring cleaning in the living room only to discover Ginger's food behind our couch. Upon further investigation and more screaming, I found Harry in our couch. EWE-EWE-EWE! As I opened up the couch for further investigation, I learned that he had been stealing Ginger's food and storing it in our couch. Yes, it is the same couch we sit on every day.
Needless to say, I ran to the nearest chair with my cellphone and immediately called Darrin. I informed him of Harry's wear abouts and pleaded with him to meet me at the hardware store to purchase mouse traps and materials to plug all the holes. Harry had been coming in through a hole in the wall in the bathroom. The hole is hidden to us because it is in a hole in our bathroom cabinet. The good news was that he couldn't get into our cabinet.
Later that night, Harry met his fate as he found one of the mouse traps we set for him. I wasn't glad to see him resting in peace, but I was glad he wasn't in my couch anymore. And I can report that we are mouse free!

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