Monday, March 2, 2009

March Madness

March is off and running for Darrin and I. This is going to be a very busy month down here in Butler. We have book clubs, training (Biking and Running), Construction Tours, ARE study sessions, homework, and so much more. Darrin has really been putting in the time not only on his bike, but in the gym with his coach. Already he has logged over 100 hours for the start of 2009. Some of those hours come from training inside while listening to the ipod, bundling up with more layers than a pastry to brave the elements outside, and pumping some heavy iron at the gym. He has been focused on starting out in a new category this year and knows his hard work is going to pay off. I have been doing a lot of reading recently. I have joined two book clubs and love the diversity each one has offered me in terms of reading and conversation. This Friday will be the first book club meeting for Robin's book club. We have read the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I won't give any details away, but this is a must read. Next week Tuesday will be the 3rd book club outing for Kim's book club. For that one we are reading Corelli's Mandolin. I was a bit sceptical at first but think this book has really been a good read. Everyone who knows I love to scrapbook should mark it down on their calendars that I have been scrapbooking this year more than ever! In fact last year I finished my first very own scrapbook. I am currently working on number two. This one is proving to be fun because it is from when I was 11 years old. What was I thinking?? Seriously, I can't believe my Mother let me out of the house dressed like that and with that hair! All I can say is OMG! REVIT is proving to be a challenge, but a great one at that. This program is by far way more advanced than AutoCAD. It has really surprised me on so many levels. I have class once a week and enjoy spending a couple of hours each week in the computer lab working on my projects. It also allows me to advance in the subject matter we have learned for that week. Perhaps I can post some of my progress on the blog when I get it printed out. Volunteering through the AIA-Milwaukee has proven to be a great asset to have. It is not only fun, but I am getting to meet so many individuals that I probably wouldn't have met. My first tour was February 17th and had a good turn-out. I am actually assisting John Holz for another tour on April 23. It should be a great one to attend considering it is in conjunction with the SARUP 40th anniversary. They are hoping for a 50+ crowd. This opportunity has allowed me also to become more involved in my IDP which will keep me moving forward in the Licensing program. I will be attending study sessions for the ARE-focusing on preparation for the 7 exams. This was a great way to spend my time away from an actual desk. The only other bit of news I thought would be nice to share is that my Brother Mike and Wife Chandi will be expecting their 5th child here this summer. I know everyone is excited to know if they will be having another girl or if God will bless them with their first boy. Stay tuned for the answer to that million dollar question. The weather down here in Butler/Milwaukee has been quite nice. We have had a few cold days, but the sun has been shining which makes them easier to handle. About a week ago we did get a substantial amount of rain that was supposed to be snow. The next week of temperatures is in the 40's or near 40 anyway. Well that is all for now. I hope everyone is enjoying this 1st March Monday. Until next time.

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