Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Including Loved Ones

I always have hoped to have a family one day but wasn't quite sure if I would be able keep doing the things I love to the extent that I do now. I am a big supporter of family involvement but my expectations just haven't been met. There seems to be something missing.
"Someone always gets left behind when I go on my big rides........But that little someone is always there to rest off the hard day when I get back:)"
We have already mastered the "Ginger in the bag" to help her join us on some rides.
I have plenty of help getting ready for my race.
This just isn't enough for me . So. One day Lynn and Ginger decided to join me in the basement for a winter trainer session, and I thought now would be the time to put my curiosity to the test.
Take One,
Take Two,
I'm not sure about taking this experiment out of the lab into the field yet....maybe we I will just stick to what works, I mean Ginger already looks scared out of her little mind!! Thanks for all of the help I get from anybody in my pursuit of my goals! Especially Lynn and Ginger! Love you guys!
That's all for now. Darrin

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