Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ginger and I go on an adventure...

I guess that is what you could title it......? So I am totally new to the blogosphere world and thought I would give you all a little something from my perspective. Any way, I am not sure if I am cut out for this but hey, I'll try anything once!
Layoff during the winter months for me is usually inevitable and considering the awesome state of our economy I knew sooner or later I would be "biting the bullet". Two weeks ago when I was told that I would be getting laid off for the week I wasn't surprised and decided to make it a positive thing by taking care of odds and ends. One week in and I was doing just fine. By the middle of last week however I was speaking a different story with motivation becoming a factor. There is this presence that comes with layoff that just does something to a person and givin due time it wears me down and takes me me out of my element. So determined not to let this feeling take me over I decided that I needed something different.
I have always been adventuresome and willing to explore, but usually on my bike. I would take my bike with me when ever I would travel and just find places to go. Make a few wrong turns, cross state lines, meet random people, you know the usual exploration stuff. I knew Ginger would be up for such a thing because lets face it she's a dog and she has been stuck inside all winter. So with day light becoming an issue I packed up a bag with a light, water, a little snack, and my snowshoes, got ginger ready and with a kiss goodbye we were on our way.
Not more than three blocks away Ginger is hobbling down the sidewalk with me calling her "com'on Gingee lets go! What are you doing?" So I stopped prepared to throw her in my bag but soon realized she had just got a little piece of salt stuck in her paw. So with one obstacle avoided we ventured on. Its about a 15 minute walk to the Butler "Frontier Park" and this is where I was looking forward to getting. Away from it all, a little piece of sanity nestled right between a city, an industrial park, and suburbia. I had been down there a few times but never really able to explore it. Its a beautiful place and when I go to places like that they remind me of the childhood adventures I would take in the woods across the road from our house. This was exactly what I was looking for on this particular day. Just Ginger, the "wild"(or at least that is what I pretend it to be) and I. I like it! Ginger seemed too as well running around like she does when ever she gets a chance. Getting off the path the snow was getting too deep for Ginger so she was more than willing to climb in the bag and enjoy the view from a higher vantage point.
The further in I got the greater the adventure seemed. I was in my element and the only thing missing was Lynn. I had wished she could come but with her new class added to the schedule all I had was Ginger to bounce my thoughts off of. As usual she didn't have much to add and just silently enjoyed. My mind wandered as I took in all of natures true beauty. I tried to capture it with my camera but as we all know a camera never does the real thing justice. Oh was I having a good time but the sun was falling rapidly and I had hoped to be out of the woods by the time it was completely dark. So I turn around and head back on the river because I knew it would be fast. This also gave me a different view of everything I had seen going the other way.
By the time I was out of the woods there was a slight glimpse of light left in the far sky. My walk home would be in the dark and I was more than content with that. While walking the feeling I got from the neighborhoods of Butler were very similar of that of Marshfield or some other small town up north. It made me realize how lucky Lynn and I were to find the place we did and be set in a community with that "small town" feeling.
Now at home my mind was eased, motivation temporarily restored, and a renewed sense of well being.
Till another day............

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