Saturday, January 31, 2009

February right around the corner

It's Saturday January 31st and I was just thinking about how fast the month has gone by. This month has been filled with resolutions, training (for both of us), traveling, and spending a lot of time together. January has also been a very cold month with about a week or two of below zero temperatures and negative numbers for the windchill. February is going to be much of the same except for the record low temperatures. Darrin and I are planning to keep up with our resolutions, training, and we will be traveling a bit for Jamie's games. Near the end of February she will be traveling to Madison and Chicago, both of which are near us. February is also filled with Birthdays and Valentines day. My niece Jadyn was born on February 24th the same day as my Sister in Law Chandi. My older brother Mike was born on February 22nd and My birthday is February 18th. Now that is a lot of February Birthdays!!! Darrin and I don't get all mushy-mushy over the now commercialized V-day, but we do like to take that day to enjoy each other. Perhaps homemade valentines day cards (Much better than Hallmark!) and a dinner made by the both of us is going to be the extent of it. It has really worked out well for the both of us. We aren't material people and homemade cards, dinner, and spending quality time are great. (It also goes very easy on our pocket books, which is a good thing considering the current economic crisis we are in.) January has been a great month for both of us and we are looking forward to February starting and continuing to be a wonderful winter season.

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Jacob said...

Hey Darrin & Lynn,

Great web page! Erin and I will probably be celebrating v-day much the same way you guys are. Thanks for keeping us updated on what you guys are up to.


Jake & Erin