Friday, January 23, 2009


Well it's finally Friday and I would say that the week went by pretty fast. Darrin is sleeping on the couch with Ginger so I thought I would post a few things. We had a really good afternoon and evening together. We do usually go to bed early but tonight he is extra tired. Last night I started my REVIT class at the WCTC over in Peewaukee. It was kind of weird taking a class again. For those of you who don't know how old I am, lets just say I haven't been in college for just over 6 years. (Pipe down, I am not that old!) But the course should be a good one. I am hoping that it will allow me to be more prepared for when the architectural firms start hiring. The teacher is from a firm downtown and really knows the software. The class is made up of about half professionals returning to class for their current employer and half young college kids. The class starts at 6pm and runs through 10pm. I think that is an awfully long time, but I am sure it will get better once we start using the program. I also forgot how expensive everything is in college...$220 for the class and $89 for the book. OUCH! We have homework assignments and my very first quiz next week. I spent most of the my day getting chores done around the house. I had laundry, picking up, removal of dog poop from the front yard, scraping the driveway, and making supper. I chose stuffed bell peppers for our main course and fruit salad as an accompaniment. Every once in awhile we have these for supper. Darrin ended up getting home just as I was blanching the peppers. Then we were off to the YMCA. It was nice to get a jump on our workouts. We have been working out together for awhile now. He has strength training to do and I have my little weight routine to do as well. Then for kicks and giggles, he did my cardio workout with me today. I am training for a 5k run in March. It is called the Blarney Run. I have already paid the $18 for myself and Darrin so I have to put in some time at the gym. I am hoping that my running legs have found their way back to me. I do this three days a week and then three days of the week I get in at least 30 minutes of cardio. I am really enjoying it. I was also hoping to get into some of the classes down here, but can't muster up the courage just yet. Once we got back from working out, we worked on getting the peppers into the oven. Darrin was very helpful in cutting up the mango and pineapple for a fruit salad. (Both were nummy!) Once we finished getting supper ready we got the dishes out of the way. We both agreed that it would be better to get the dishes done tonight so we wouldn't have them staring us in the face tomorrow morning. After supper we decided to make rice crispy treats. I haven't made them in awhile and forgot how good they were. We decided to freeze half of them in hopes that Darrin wouldn't eat all of them. So that left a few for each of us to enjoy over the weekend. It is so much fun to be cooking in the kitchen with him. I think we just enjoy the time we get to spend together. Oh I almost forgot about the funny ha ha from today. I sent some mittens to Jamie the other day and she was sure they were in her mailbox today. Once she got into the mailbox, she discovered that they weren't in there. We spent at least an hour trying to figure out where they could have gotten delivered. So the case of the missing mittens began and was very quickly put to an end when she finally talked to the mailman. Turns out he was trying to figure out who the package belonged to. She just moved in and hadn't forwarded her mail. Her mailbox had another name on it and so he couldn't deliver it there. After speaking with him for a few minutes, she let me know that they were on their way back to me! So once again we will have to send them again when they come back. Hopefully she will get them this time. All that on a frigid Friday. I am sure this weekend is going to be a good one. Darrin has most of it off from training so we will get to spend time hanging out. Perhaps I can get him to help me make some cookies!

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