Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skiing with Joe

Darrin spends a lot of time with his coach Joe, training for his bike racing. Technically Darrin is in his off season, but still has to put in a good base to be prepared for the upcoming season of biking. Although Darrin isn't much of a skier, he puts in the hours necessary to get his training in for the winter months. I bet it is a much better alternative than spending that time staring at our basement wall while spinning for hours on his trainer.
Over Last weekend (January 17 & 18) Darrin went with his coach for two separate skiing adventures. The first one was at Lapham peak. Joe had a race to do. Darrin took his Snow shoes with and stepped his way through the Ice Age Trail there. This was a better way of staying warm and use of his time while he waited for racing to begin.
Then the race began. Darrin spent the time cheering on his coach and his teammates. The races only last for about 45 minutes but provided a photo finish. Containing his excitement, Darrin captured the battle to the finish on camera. After Joe was done skiing for his race, they skied off and put in some time around the ski trails for fun. (And for Darrin's workout.)
They made a few laps around Lapham and then headed home. Joe talked Darrin into going to another park for a 3 hour training session on Sunday. I must remind everyone that Darrin doesn't ski very often. The next day Darrin found himself very sore. He was so sore he took Monday off to recover. Joe pushed Darrin to workout harder than he would have liked to workout that day, but only to see how much Darrin would handle.
I think Darrin might actually be warming up to the sport of skiing. But that will only be true if Joe can keep Darrin out on the trails. And if we could get some more snow.

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