Thursday, January 22, 2009

Congratulations to Jamie!

Monday night Darrin and I were filled with anxiety as the Indiana Hoosiers Women's Basketball team played a tough game against their state school rivals Purdue. Although we were both hoping for a win, we were also hoping that Jamie could score her 1,000 point at a home game. The game started very intensely with Indiana jumping to a small lead, but Purdue proved the challenge ahead was going to be a long and grueling battle. The game was either tied or within 3-4 points the entire first half. Indiana managed to pull ahead within the last few minutes of the half 35-30. I don't think we sat down the entire second half. Purdue seemed to be making all the right plays and getting more points to show up on their side of the scoreboard. Darrin and I were thinking the game was over. But to our surprise Jamie and the rest of the team found their groove! Jamie hit two-three's bringing the team closer to victory with an eight point lead. The team played a very balanced and organized game of ball during the end of the second half. Indiana finally pulled ahead and won the game 71-57. Once the game had progressed far into the second half, we began thinking the Hoosiers were in foul trouble and that is usually when things go sour. But the team came out playing clean and smart. It was a great victory for them at home against the Purdue Boilermakers. The game wasn't the only thing to celebrate for the Hoosiers. Darrin's Sister Jamie (mentioned above) is a Junior point guard for the team. This game provided her the opportunity to make her 1,000 point. At first Darrin and I weren't quite sure she was going to make it because she had only 2 or 3 points in the first half. She proved us and many others wrong by adding to that a couple of threes and finishing off her 16 point total with two completed free throws! We were so excited we jumped up and down and gave each other huge hi-fives. We were a little sad in the fact that we couldn't be there to share in her accomplishment, but we shared our excitement with her after the game. So Congratulations again Jamie on getting 1,000 career points in your junior year with the Hoosiers. If you are interested I have a link to the story posted here. Check it out!

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