Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 2009 already

2009 has begun and with it came a new president. I hope everyone enjoyed the inauguration of President Barak Obama on Tuesday. I think for the first time in my life I actually watched the ceremonies. I feel as though the older I am getting the more involved I want to be in the political world. Although I have no prospects for a job, I am still staying pretty busy here in Butler. I have joined two book clubs, started a workout plan at the YMCA, and have enrolled in a REVIT computer class at the WCTC in Peewaukee. Darrin is also staying busy with his training. This winter he has started skiing with his coach Joe C. Although he dislikes skiing, he is sure logging the miles. He has also started a strength program which allows us to workout together three days a week. Sometimes he also chooses to get his cardio in at the Y and I can join him! Ginger gave us quite a scare right before Christmas. She began squealing very loud. We weren't able to pick her up or even enjoy her company. She wanted to be left alone and was very uncomfortable. One morning she woke me up at 4am squealing. I was in tears and told Darrin we had to get her into a Vet ASAP. Around 9am the vet down the road finally was open and had time to see her. He did a thorough exam of her and told us she would have to come back for x-rays. The vet explained that perhaps some of her disks had ruptured in her spine causing her to freak out on us when we petted her. He informed us if this was the case that she wouldn't be making a recovery, but instead it would be a long road ahead. I took her in Monday morning and she was put under anesthesia. They were able to clean her teeth, clip her nails, and get the x-rays in. The doctor also checked all of her joints for arthritis. Fine, fit, and Healthy as a cucumber! She was just fine. He was amazed that she was in some kind of pain but he couldn't find out from where. She passed every exam he gave her with flying colors. We brought her home and she began acting normal again with a few outbursts. They gave us some pain killers for her in the form of a shot and we ended up using one right before Christmas, but haven't used one since! She has made an almost full recovery. We were really busy through the holidays and I did not do much posting here on our blog/website. I will try to get everyone caught up from December to now! Perhaps the best way is just to blog each day/week and then do a Catching up blog for that day/week as well until we are fully caught up! We have a lot to share with everyone! Enjoy the somewhat warmer weather we are having. Keep in touch and don't be afraid to email, call or leave comments for us. We would love to hear from everyone!! Miss you all and can't wait to catch up.

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