Monday, February 11, 2013

What a weekend

Busy, busy, busy - seems to be the theme with everyone I talk to these days. And we have the same theme going on here at the Braun residence. Last week was so busy for us that I never got a chance to blog. Not to mention the weather has been crazy by snowing almost every day for a week.

For me this past week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I attended a CAD Summit from 7-5 each day. The summit allowed all of the CAD drafters from Quad to get together and discuss everything CAD. It was a nice opportunity for me to meet the other drafters, as they live all over the united states. Being the newest drafter to Quad, it allowed me to learn a lot about the different drawings that we do on a day to day basis. My only gripe from the whole event is that people can be really stubborn, and not to mention disrespectful to others in the event. Work is keeping me very busy. As for outside of work, Sawyer's 1st Birthday is coming up so I am preparing for that, trying to get everything planned out before the big day in two weeks. I am also busy chasing Sawyer around as he is into everything these days.

Speaking of Sawyer, he is growing like a weed. I think before his birthday we will be packing away the 12 month clothes. He is almost walking on his own, taking a few steps when we encourage him. He loves to read and play with my Tupperware dishes. Last week with all the snow we got, Darrin took him out sledding which he absolutely loves. We have a small hill in our backyard that he goes down and giggles the entire way. Other milestones for him this past week include knocking on doors, showing us a cheesy smile, and sharing with everyone. I don't know if we are just new parents bragging about our kid or not, but he has a great personality and we love watching him develop each and every day. Especially his Daddy!

Darrin is so busy with work this month, as I stated in our last blog post. He has been working, attending meetings, training seminars, and lots of home shows. Training has gotten a bit more intense for him and he has been biking outside a little more on the weekends. Two weekends ago he biked to a friends house in Neosho, which took him a little over 3 hours. He was a frozen Popsicle by the time he got there, but had a great time riding outside instead of in our basement. This past weekend he got in a long ride on Saturday with his brother Craig from Marshfield. Other than biking and work, he helps me out a lot at home and LOVES to play with Sawyer when he is home.

This past weekend we braved the weather reports and traveled back to the Marshfield area to celebrate the first birthday of Vivi, Craig and Brenda's little girl. We spent Saturday catching up with Brenda and helping her out with Vivi while she baked cakes for the party and prepared food. Sunday, we visited with my parents before we traveled on some very icy roads to Thorp. Once we were in the house, we forgot all about the weather and had a wonderful time eating, chatting, and watching the Vivi enjoy her 1st birthday party. We had a great time and stayed a little too long. Our trip home included - icy roads, fog, wind, and tons of rain.

Speaking of Busy - Sawyer and I have a very busy day today including getting some much needed groceries. Until next time visit, visit our Flickr page to enjoy some recent photos of Sawyer and Vivi's Birthday party.

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