Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our First Measurable Snowfall of the Season

Good Morning everyone. Yesterday we received our first measurable snowfall of the winter season. I was glad to see it because I love snow. I have come to the realization that everyone wants it to magically fall only on areas that don't require shoveling or plowing. Darrin was very excited to be able to ride his bike to work in the snow. He found a "short-cut" or "back road" to work. On his 2 mile bike ride to work he saw 2 men standing outside their place of employment. They were very excited to see him on his bike and they exchanged morning's. I think this made his day. While he was hard at work I went out and shoveled the 2 inches off our driveway and sidewalks. I had a lot of fun shoveling and decided that this driveway was going to be more of a challenge than the one we had in Marshfield. Where am I going to put all the snow? Last year we started to run out of room towards the end of the season, but here in Butler I think we will run out of room within the first month. (See pics!) I think an investment in one of those large scoopers would be beneficial. Most of the snow from the driveway is going to have to get shoveled to the back yard. (Hence the need for one of those scoopers!) It was nice to get outside and "play" in the snow. Shoveling brings back some of the muscles I have lost since last year's shoveling season. I hope everyone enjoyed the white fluffy stuff and had safe travels yesterday.

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