Friday, July 26, 2013

So Close

I've almost reached the goal I set for loosing 10 pounds by the first week of August. In fact, I have lost 8 pounds since starting my health kick a couple weeks ago. It hasn't been easy, in fact I've had many challenges along the way, but for the most part I have been able to stay on track. After this week, I am going to start adding in some stretching and weight lifting. My goal before was to do 150 minutes of cardio per week, which I have been very diligent to get in that plus more! In fact, Darrin - Sawyer and I have been doing a lot of biking, which I really like because I get to eat more after riding for an hour! But it's time to build a little muscle to tone up what I have.

I've also been tracking my calories with an app called "My Fitness Pal." This app is great and has allowed me to keep track of everything I am eating and every workout I do. At first it said I needed to eat 1500 calories to loose 2 lbs a week, but I knew for myself if I cut out that many calories from my diet right away I would quit for sure. So I bumped up my calorie intake to 1700 calories a day - and let me tell you when you fill up on fruits and veggies you can really eat a lot in one day!

Now for my new goals:
I would like to start by stretching every evening before bed. I'm hoping adding this will not only help me loose a little more weight, but also I hope this helps me get back into running once I've lost a little more weight. The second part of this goal is to add weights 2 times per week. I do have a gym membership at work, BUT it isn't very convenient for me to use the fitness centers - so my plan is to set up our basement with a DVD player and weights (all of which I already have). The length of this goal is going to be a couple months - obviously starting with the first week. I'm hoping I can reach this goal because I would really like to sign up for a 5k by the end of the summer, once Darrin's biking schedule calms down a bit.

Some good things that have come out of this new health kick are: I'm drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables and I'm getting out and enjoying summer! Not bad, hey. I'm not setting a weight loss goal this time around, but am hoping I keep loosing weight and eventually will have a total pounds lost update again in a couple months!

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K8 said...

Great work Lynn ! Keep at it !