Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picnic and Walk kind of a day

It was so nice out today that I thought spending some quality time outside would be nice. Sawyer and I packed up some snacks, and a blanket while Darrin stopped for jimmy John's. We met at a park in Pewaukee and enjoyed a picnic lunch. (Gotta get better at snapping photos of events!!)

It was nice spending some time with Darrin during the middle of the day. Especially on a day like today when he left before 7am and won't be home until 5pm, just in time to change and get out for the Tuesday night ride. We won't see him again until after 8pm tonight.

Not to mention that when we got home I decided to get out for a walk with Sawyer. It's not everyday that you get a 70 degree day in June here in Wisconsin. We couldn't do a long walk but it was close to 25 minutes. Hey you gotta start somewhere right?!

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