Thursday, May 17, 2012

Juggling act

Well its been quite the juggling act at our house since Sawyer was born. We are learning how to adjust to life with a newborn. Don't let people scare you, it is challenging but oh so rewarding!

We have been getting good sleep for awhile now, but are learning that our life revolves around the schedule of our baby now. Sure we can still be spontaneous, but even that takes a bit of planning once we've decided to go. For instance running errands uses to be a piece of cake. Now I have to time it between feedings, work around the car seat, bring a diaper bag, change a diaper, figure out how to put the cart away, and so much more.

Not to mention juggling work and home life, which will get a bit more hectic now that I will be returning to work for 2 days a week. Yup, Sawyer will be in daycare for 2 days which should be good for both him and me.

Let's hope the transition back to work is a smooth one!!

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