Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby's Braun's Nursery (Almost Complete)

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Baby Braun's Nursery is coming along and starting to look like a nice place for our little bundle to enjoy for the first few years of his/her life. Considering we are on a budget and that Darrin and I are pretty simple people, I have had to be pretty resourceful and crafty to make the room come together. A few of the items have come from places like good will and Saint Vincents. Other items like the artwork and the curtain, I have crafted myself.

Darrin and I have to thank my parents, as they purchased the crib & mattress, changing table, and the rocker for us! We can't say enough for the support my parents have given us over the years and now with the new baby on the way. The pieces are just perfect for our Nursery and helped me think about the decor for the room, starting with the window treatment.

Re-purposed Curtain
When we lived in our old apartment, I hand sewed curtains for most of the rooms as a project when I was not working. These curtains were in our spare bedroom and provided a lot of darkness for visitors sleeping in there. I picked a fabric that was surprisingly gender neutral and designed them without using a pattern. For the nursery, I was able to resew the top on one of the panels to fit the existing curtain rod, and was excited when it turned out.

Thinking of items that are in baby's rooms, I wanted to find some old wooden alphabet blocks to put on a shelf I picked up from Good will a few years ago. At first I was going to spray paint the shelf black, but thought the existing color went well with the wood from the crib, changing table, and dresser. And the blocks I found after searching 3 different second-hand stores. Darrin picked out the little elephant when we first found out we were expecting back in June. We were just starting to look at the baby items when he found the cute little stuffed animal, which was on clearance!

Family Photo Wall
Speaking of clearance, I found a set of 10 black frames on sale at Kohl's for under $8. These frames brought my Family wall to life! My idea was to introduce the baby to the family through pictures since we live so far away. I thought this would be a fun and cute addition to the Nursery. Now I just need to get the photos of OUR family in there.

We have also re-purposed a few items that Darrin had from before I met him. The first is a dresser that fits perfectly in the closet, where we can keep all the baby necessities. The second item is a book shelf that was made by someone for Darrin. It is the perfect size and is already holding books that I have picked up at different second-hand stores!

The last items are two pieces of art that I created using canvas and markers. They took longer to think of then to actually make and I think they turned out kinda cute! I kept with the green and brown theme of our nursery and tried to make them as whimsical as I could. And they add some decoration to the bare wall above the crib.

Hand Made Artwork - Canvas and Markers

With all of these items our Nursery is coming together. We only have to put our rug down (which we picked up at Menard's for $25 Sunday), take the closet doors off, and stock with the baby's necessities! Our goal is to have it all done before Baby Braun arrives in February. Until then, I will be uploading the Nursery photos to our Flickr Site (See Our Photos to the right) for everyone to enjoy!

It's Coming together!

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