Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WORS #3-Big Ring Classic

Nine Mile was our destination over this past weekend as Darrin participated in the WORS #3-Bing Ring Classic. We headed up Saturday morning. I was thinking about pre-riding, but the closer we got to the course the more mother nature decided to drop rain out of the clouds. Darrin and I met Craig there so they could both pre-ride. Craig decided to race this WORS event considering it was so close to home.
After the boys got soaking wet while riding, we waited around until 3pm for registration to open up. This race closed it's preregistration on line earlier than most races. Darrin and Craig were in a hurry and it added to their frustrations when the registration once again turned into a mass state of confusion and when the staff expressed their dissatisfaction at how the participants were inconveniencing them by registering. Seriously, does chaos have to happen each and every race? They are so much fun and would be even better if registration could just go a little smoother. (A side note, the registration staff really could be more helpful and a whole lot nicer to these people racing~ have they forgotten that without the racers there would be no events!?!)
Enough venting for now. Once registered, we ventured to Marshfield in a hurry to find ourselves at the bike shop to pick up Darrin's new crank and seat. After spending about $325, we hurried to Craig's to fix the bike, and then to Mom and Dad's for supper and some much needed rest. Supper was spaghetti, french bread, applesauce, and salad. Boy was it good. Reegan, Killian, and Tiernan were there when we arrived. Both Killian and Tiernan were excited to watch Darrin race on Sunday.
Morning commenced with java, followed by a pancake breakfast. Mmm was it good. We lounged around that morning playing with the kids. Darrin made paper airplanes for all three of them, while I made a garage for Killian out of Lego's. Oh to be a kid again! We slowly started to get the car packed up and ventured over to Nine Mile around 11 o'clock or so. Nervousness started to settle in as we approached. This time it was just nerves for the race to begin because Darrin has ridden here plenty of times before, just not for a WORS race.
Unlike the day before, the sky was cloudy but no rain was falling. Darrin and Craig had lots of people to cheer them on. John and Cheryl (Darrin's and Craig's Dad/Step Mom), My parents, my nephews Tiernan and Killian, Brenda, and me along with Lucy and Ginger all braved the cold, damp June weather. Hats, gloves, and blankets were very necessary to keep everyone warm. Brenda joined Craig as his official pit crew and I was Darrin's. (Ah, the glorious job of the bottle hander-offer.)
The race started without a hitch and before we knew it they were coming around for water bottles. Everyone was trying to stay warm while cheering Craig and Darrin on. Ginger cuddled in a blanket to keep her and Heidi warm. Brenda and I took turns with the camera. It worked out well since we both had to hand off water bottles, she was able to get some shots of Darrin and I got some photos of Craig. This course provided a fast race.
We all watched with anticipation as comp men entered their third and final lap. Craig was racing in the Comp-Open Single Speed Category and only had to do 3 laps as opposed to the Elites 4. After emerging from the last bit of single track we noticed Craig making his way to the finish line. Both Brenda and I snapped a few photos. Brenda cruised to the finish line to meet Craig while I bounced back to our water bottle position to wait for Darrin to make his way back around for his 4th lap.
As the Leaders of the Elite race made their way around for their final lap, we watched through the woods behind us to see how Darrin was making out. About 2 or 3 minutes went by and we noticed the group of riders that were battling for 8th-11th places. To our surprise Darrin wasn't with this group this time through. Of course my mind wanders and starts to think of flat tires, mechanical problems, crashes, etc. We waited for a while longer and then I saw him! "Come on DB! Come on Darrin!!!" I screamed as loud as I could and found myself surrounded by other's who decided to cheer him on as well! When he came by our spot he looked as though he was hurting and giving it everything he had.
We all cheered him in as he made it to the finish line taking 13th place overall! "Thank heavens he finished," was the only thought rumbling around in my head as I walked to the finish line to great him! Surrounded by fellow racers, Darrin was giving hi fives and hand shakes to everyone there. Although he didn't finish in the top 10, he was still proud of himself for finishing. He chatted with his Dad and Cheryl for a few moments before they left and then Craig and him pedal on to start their cool down ride.
Once both the guys were changed, we opted for some hot coffee while watching the awards being dispersed. Darrin got 3rd in his age group which means more WORS bucks to pay for races....every little bit helps. Little Killian was so excited he ran up to the podium to be with Darrin, only to be plowed over by Don the announcer. (He didn't see him standing behind him.) Mom swooped in to grab him. Craig, Brenda, Darrin, and I all enjoyed our coffees as we chatted with a few more riders.
Craig and Brenda headed back to Marshfield while the rest of us headed over to Fazoli's for a post race meal. Poor little Killian slept the entire time while the rest of us enjoyed our Italian entrees. After another round of hugs and thank yous we started our 3 hour journey back to Butler. The drive didn't seem to take that long but we weren't back by Milwaukee until around 9:30-10pm. Racing sure makes for a long weekend.
But we have a lot of fun doing it. This weekend seemed to work out for a lot of our family and friends and it was nice to have company throughout the race! (Thanks Brenda!!) Also I think it was nice that Darrin and Craig got to sort of race together. I think they will get another chance at the Chippewa Valley Firecracker race in Eau Claire the weekend of July 4th.
YES! A weekend off for a change...then off to Mt. Morris for the Subaru Cup. That will be exciting as it is a national event. If you have time to stop on by, this race will be held at 12pm on Saturday June 20th. He will also be racing again on Sunday. Hope to see you there!