Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ginger Steals the Show

Saturday turned out to be one of those days and the heat just didn't subside like we had all hoped it would. Early afternoon we decided to go out for a bike ride with the entire family, which included Ginger. Most of the time we put her in a biking bag and strap her to one of us, but being as hot as it was that just wasn't a viable option.
After rounding up water bottles, helmets, gloves, and strapping on my shoes I proceeded outside only to giggle as I saw Ginger ride by in the B.O.B trailer behind Darrin. Amazingly she seemed okay with the ride and we proceeded to get ready. Jamie was in town once again and got to ride my road bike. It's fairly new considering I have only ridden it two times since I bought it. (Remember this, because the story gets better!)
Everyone we passed along our bike ride seemed to also get a quick giggle out of Ginger in the trailer. I guess you could say she provided everyone with at least a bit of humor. Usually she runs behind Darrin and in front of me. Roads are a little more dangerous for dogs, hence the trailer. Well, she rode very well for about half the trip until she decided to bail.
"Oh My Gosh!!! Darrin Stop!!! Ginger!! STOP STOP!!!," I screamed as I too came to a stop. Then CRASH! Jamie, being on a bike she wasn't used to crashed right into me. (I guess she didn't know the bike had brakes. HAHA) Fortunately I broke her fall. I didn't really fall as I was acting like a Mom and rushed to Ginger's aid. All I could think about was poor Ginger and how she must be so scared after doing a few butt skidding rolls down the bike path.
Darrin and I both agreed that we would trap her in the biking bag in the trailer so she wouldn't be able to jump out. As we got her situated Jamie said, "Um, guys I think I broke Lynn's bike for sure." Darrin assessed the damage. One bent spoke, front wheel out of true, a missing bar end, and the need for some new bar tape were all the visible effects of the crash. Oh, I can't forget the tire tracks on our legs. It was okay to ride and once again we were on our way.
After about an hour we returned home. Ginger was happy she got to ride with, Jamie was still worried about my bike, and Darrin was happy to have all of us with him on a ride! Well, I wasn't too upset about my bike as it is only a bike. I am just glad that neither Jamie or Ginger were injured!

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