Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feeling the Wrath of the Economic Crisis

I want to mention that my job with Plunkett Raysich Architects only lasted for 6 months. As most of you know, the economy began to slide backwards in October and has been falling ever since. They weren't able to extend the employment for three of us. Doug, Dan, and I dealt with it in the most positive way we could. Other firms in Milwaukee layed off over 15 people. I have sent my resume to almost every Architectural firm here in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. I have also sent my resume to construction companies, general contractors, and many more companies!
For now I am working on my IDP and volunteering with the AIA-Milwaukee chapter. I guess I picked a wrong time to pursue my dreams of becoming an architect. Hopefully, times will turn around soon and I will be back on track. Until then it is time for getting around the house projects done. I have organized every closet, cupboard, drawer, and box imaginable. I have my scrapbooking station so organized that I have no excuses not to scrapbook. And I have done just that. I finished my first scrapbook, started another one, and made thanksgiving day cards. I am so excited to be finally using all of the tools and embellishments I bought throughout the years.

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